Safely Testing Your Car Battery with a Voltmeter

Testing the car battery with the voltmeter is easy when you prepare with a few safety tips. Always wear safety eye-wear around the car battery and put on a pair of good heavy-duty gloves. The car ignition and lights have to be turned off to get an accurate reading, too.

The voltmeter has a pair of cables that are color-coded, red for positive and black is negative. The red cable goes on your positive battery side first. Now attach the black cable to the battery negative terminal. With the voltmeter on, you will get a reading of 12.4 or better if the battery has enough of a charge to crank over the engine. When the meter shows a ready under 12.2, the battery can not hold a charge or power over the engine.

If the car battery is beginning to fail, you may need a replacement battery or you'll need to find backup transportation. Here at Perkins Motor Plex, we aim to please. If you decide that you want to go ahead and upgrade your driving experience, come to one of our convenient dealership locations and find a new-to-you vehicle!

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