Cleaning the Tires on Your Vehicle is Important

When you are ready to wash your vehicle, the tires are probably not at the forefront of important parts that need special attention during the process. However, the tires actually need as much care as the rest of the vehicle, due to the collection of corrosive brake dust that can accumulate on the wheels.

The Perkins Motor Plex team can help. First, pick the correct cleaner for your vehicle, as marked on the cleaner container. For tough jobs, pick a tough but non-caustic cleaner. Use separate brushes for the wheels and the tires and wash the tires before washing the rest of the vehicle. Waxing the wheels is a good idea to prevent future corrosion from brake dust.

If you notice any problems with your tires while washing them, bring your vehicle to a trusted auto service center to have the professionals check your tires for you.

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