We press the brake pedal. The vehicle comes to a stop. Drivers understand this simple concept, but they don't know all the reasons why a car's brakes work. Lack of knowledge can work against you, though. The better you understand how a car operates, you may find yourself in a better position to care for it. Here's what you need to know about brake fluid.

Brake fluid allows the moving parts of the braking system to work. The fluid, also known as hydraulic fluid, travels through the brake lines to create pressure. In a nutshell, the tension leads the brakes to work. Specifically, the fluid makes the rotors put pressure on the brake pads.

Be mindful of brake fluid leaks. Check the fluid levels and look on the ground for telltale leak signs. If the fluid leaks out, the car won't stop. Are you concerned about your brakes or other issues? Visit a trusted auto service center for all your service requirements.



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