When dealing with tires, there are actually many different types of tires that you can buy and that come standard with your vehicle. The type of tire that you have provides a lot of influence on many different factors of your car's maintenance schedule, such as how - and how often - you need to rotate your tires to preserve tread life.

For directional and high performance tires, you are going to have to use a special type of rotation to optimize tread wear. This rotational strategy is known as the side-to-side rotation. The tires are different sizes compared to the ones on the opposite end of the vehicle, the back or the front. They would have to be switched with their side partners.

For uniformly-sized tires, you are going to have to do some sort of cross rotation. This would be either the forward or rearward cross rotation. In some cases, you may have to do the complete X cross, in which every tire is put on the opposite side of the vehicle. Come to Perkins Motor Plex to choose a durable used vehicle, and keep it in great condition by scheduling routine tire rotation with a trusted tire technician.


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