Problems with a car's starter bring about several annoying hassles. Don't think the problem can't be fixed, though. Addressing starter issues won't begin until you realize there's a problem. Here are some of the common signs of a troubled ignition system that you may want to consider:

  • Oil drips
  • Smoke
  • Grinding/whining noise
  • ...and more 

Oil leaks present frightening problems by themselves. The dripping fluid can cause further woes if it pours onto the starter. That's one of the less obvious ignition system issues you might experience. Smoke coming from the engine could represent many things and is unmistakable. The exact problem might not be so apparent, but it could turn out to be an ignition system issue.

Probably the most obvious signs of an ignition system's problems would be grinding or whining noises. Problems with the electrical flow, starter wear, and more could be the sources of the sounds. Get your car checked out when ignition system worries emerge. If it's time for a new vehicle altogether, make your way to Perkins Motor Plex to explore our dependable used cars for sale.


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