Tire rotations are part of the routine service you should give your vehicle every so often to keep it running smoothly. When you rotate your tires, they experience more even wear, perform better and last longer. Here's why.

The Wisdom of Tire Rotations

Different tires on your vehicle experience different and unequal amounts of wear based on your drivetrain: 4x4, all-wheel, rear or front. Without rotation, the same tires receive the same wear in the same spots repeatedly, causing them to break down more quickly than your other tires. When you rotate your tires on a routine basis, the tread pattern on your tires receives equal contact with city streets or rural roads. This retains optimal traction and helps preserve each tire's integrity.

Tire Rotations: How Often

Experts advise rotating your tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, around the same time you're due for oil changes. Rotation types include side-to-side, X-pattern, rearward cross, forward cross and front-to-rear. Pop into our Perkins Motor Plex service department today to find out which type of tire rotations are best for your vehicle.


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