Are you familiar with jump starting cars? Could you do it safely if a neighbor asked? Read today's blog post from Perkins Motor Plex to make sure.

Start with your battery close to the other car's battery, and turn off your car. Put each car in Park or Neutral, and engage each car's handbrake. Find your positive jumper cable, and clamp one end to the other car's positive battery terminal. Next, connect that cable to your positive terminal. Staying at your battery, connect your negative cable and terminal.

Don't touch the last clamp's metal. To limit sparks, fasten this clamp to a metal piece under the receiving car's hood. Do not lay cables on components that can move. You can now start your car. Wait a minute before attempting to start the other car. If you cannot start the other car despite several attempts, it may require a new battery, or it has other problems.


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