Keeping you and your family safe on the roads is something the team here at Perkins Motor Plex take seriously. Here are a few things you'll need to pack in a roadside emergency kit to be prepared.
  • Having a set of jumper cables will ensure if your vehicle does become disabled, any passerby can stop and use those cables to give your battery new life.
  • A flashlight in the kit is a huge help for a number of reasons. Not only can you use the light to make repairs, it can be used to alert other drivers you are in need of assistance.
  • Tire-related items like a jack, lug wrench, fix-a-flat, and air compressor, can help in getting the vehicle to limp down the road to a service station safely.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Keep extra fluids like oil, water, washer fluid, and antifreeze in your kit. These can make a huge difference on deserted roads.


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