Your car's alternator plays an important role in feeding the vehicle's electrical system and charging the battery. What exactly is an alternator and how does it do its job? Let's take a look.

The battery in your vehicle gives the starter the power it needs to start the engine. However, to keep the battery fully charged, you need the alternator. This vital engine part is actually a generator. As the engine runs, it turns wheels which, in turn, crank a wheel on the alternator. This helps the alternator generate energy, which powers the vehicle's electronics and helps recharge the battery.

If the alternator starts malfunctioning, the car's electronics may start having intermittent problems. It can also cause your engine to stop running entirely. If you suspect the alternator is having issues, it's important to get it serviced immediately. Stop by Perkins Motor Plex for any automotive service and repair work your vehicle needs.


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