How Does a Differential Function in Your Vehicle?

Along with checking your vehicle's transmission fluid, oil and coolant and other items like hoses, belts, tires and similar components, it is also important to change out the differential fluid on a regular basis. Why is that? Well, the differential fluid can deteriorate or become contaminated over time and cause the differential to not function properly.

The differential is the gearbox that is between the drive wheels of the vehicle. In four-wheel drives, there will be a differential in the front and one in the back of the vehicle. The differential delivers power to the axles between the wheels and moves the wheels at varying speeds for improved performance on the highway while driving.

If you would like your differential fluid checked, bring your vehicle in to a trusted professional to have your vehicle inspected for any possible problems with your differential or any other component. Here at Perkins Motor Plex, we also carry a wide range of pre-owned cars for sale if it's time for an upgrade!

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