Financing Through Perkins Motor Plex Can Help You Get Behind the Wheel of Your New Ride

When you consider purchasing one of our cars near Paducah or Nashville, you'll have access to our financing resources. The Perkins Motor Plex finance team has a long history of helping local shoppers secure the auto loans they need to help make it possible to drive home in a new vehicle. From application to final signing, we'll make sure the process goes smoothly. 

How Does a Car Loan Work?

Using an auto loan at Perkins Motor Plex is a very effective way to find help paying for a new car. A car loan can significantly reduce the financial burden of a new vehicle by splitting its cost into monthly payments. A lender will put up the money to pay the dealer for the cost of the vehicle. Then, based on your loan agreement, you will pay back that value over time with interest.

To get a car loan, you'll have to complete a finance application. With the information supplied, we'll work with a group of trusted lenders to find different loan offers. These lenders will base their offer on your employment status, credit score, the vehicle's value, down payment, and other variables.  Our staff will help you choose the offer with the right interest rate and monthly payment for your budget. Then, it's a simple matter of making the required payments every month until the loan is fulfilled.

How to Apply for Auto Financing Near Mayfield and Murray

Starting your auto financing process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Click on the link below to see our secure loan application. Then, supply the necessary information. The application will ask for details about your employment, personal identity, and the vehicle you are interested in. After that, submit the application. We'll follow up with you for next steps and available options.

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