Important Back to School Carpool Safety Tips

Get in the back to school routine by setting up your annual carpool experience. These simple yet effective carpool tips will ensure everyone is safer.

The kids are going to little balls of energy from the time they get into your vehicle. Before you even think of taking the vehicle out of park, make sure you check that each child has their own seat belt and it is secured. Then you can safely drive them to school and back. 

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Tips for Cleaning Your Vehicle in Under Thirty Minutes

Cleaning your vehicle doesn't have to be a chore when you don't have time. Here are a few ways to clean the entire vehicle in under ten minutes.

Use the hose to soak the vehicle so all that dirt and debris is washed away. Soak a cloth with polish, and run it over the exterior quickly, including the tires. Drive the car around the block to keep from water droplets from leaving stains on the paint surface.

Take the floor mats and bang each one on the ground to remove any dirt. Wet a clean cloth with glass…

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Learning the History of a Used Vehicle is Useful

When you purchase a used vehicle, you want to know exactly what you are getting. A vehicle history report will provide you with information on a vehicle's history that can let you know whether there have been any prior problems. Being an informed buyer means you know exactly what you are buying.

A vehicle history report can be a free VIN check or a paid subscription vehicle history report that is more detailed. Both of these reports will provide information on the ownership, title and additional history, but a paid history report will be more in-depth. 


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Taking Care of a Backup Camera

Backup cameras are a new and exciting safety feature that is required for any passenger vehicle sold in 2018 or later. In this post, we will talk about what it takes to make sure your camera is in good shape.

Backup cameras come in two main forms for the purpose of this topic: the kind that is always out and the type that stays under a covering until you need it. Both are vulnerable to rain, mud, dirt, and other things that can obscure the lens. 

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You Can Enjoy a Great Tailgating Experience

You would love to get out and tailgate, and we would like to help you do that with your pickup truck in the best way. Our used car sales team wants you to enjoy your life fully, and we have some tips and tricks for making the most of your next tailgating opportunity.

If you want your tailgating experience to be enjoyed by all, take some time to label all of your coolers before you head out. Let guests know what is in each of the coolers without opening them. Pack up a mini first aid kit to take with…

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Is There a Difference Between Maximum Payload and Towing Capacity?

If you are planning on hauling heavy cargo or pulling trailers with your vehicle, then you need to know the difference between the maximum payload and towing capacity. Even though these two specs might be somewhat similar, they won't ever be identical. Here is a closer look at how these two numbers are calculated and why they are so important.

Both the towing capacity and maximum payload of your vehicle should be clearly listed in your owner’s manual. 

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How Does a Differential Function in Your Vehicle?

Along with checking your vehicle's transmission fluid, oil and coolant and other items like hoses, belts, tires and similar components, it is also important to change out the differential fluid on a regular basis. Why is that? Well, the differential fluid can deteriorate or become contaminated over time and cause the differential to not function properly.

The differential is the gearbox that is between the drive wheels of the vehicle. In four-wheel drives, there will be a differential in the front and one in the back of the vehicle. 

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Cleaning the Tires on Your Vehicle is Important

When you are ready to wash your vehicle, the tires are probably not at the forefront of important parts that need special attention during the process. However, the tires actually need as much care as the rest of the vehicle, due to the collection of corrosive brake dust that can accumulate on the wheels.

The Perkins Motor Plex team can help. First, pick the correct cleaner for your vehicle, as marked on the cleaner container. For tough jobs, pick a tough but non-caustic cleaner. Use separate brushes for the wheels and the tires and wash the tires before washing the…

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Safely Testing Your Car Battery with a Voltmeter

Testing the car battery with the voltmeter is easy when you prepare with a few safety tips. Always wear safety eye-wear around the car battery and put on a pair of good heavy-duty gloves. The car ignition and lights have to be turned off to get an accurate reading, too.

The voltmeter has a pair of cables that are color-coded, red for positive and black is negative. The red cable goes on your positive battery side first. Now attach the black cable to the battery negative terminal. 

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The Importance of Building a Roadside Emergency Kit

Taking the time to make your own roadside emergency kit could make all the difference in keeping you safe and getting you back on your way quickly. Keep a small box of tools in the emergency kit. In addition to the tools, a roll of duct tape is one of those things that can be used to make numerous small repairs.

Always keep a flashlight and batteries in your kit because you never know when you might get stranded in the dark and need to flag help or make small repairs. 

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