Perkins Motor Plex offers a large selection of pre-owned and used vehicles that are ideal for inexperienced drivers. When buying automobiles for their teens, families should prioritize cost and safety. Compact crossover sport utility vehicles offer great value for such clients who want to save money without sacrificing important features.

A crossover SUV is typically available with an all-wheel drive, which is a type of drivetrain that gets better traction than front-wheel drive. Young drivers are likely to lose control on a slippery road, so an AWD system is an important mechanical feature to have. A part-time AWD is an advanced feature that only activates all wheels under certain circumstances. For example, slipping in the front wheels might prompt the delivery of extra torque to the rear wheels.

Most crossover SUVs also have electronic stability control, which is a conventional technology that creates a substantial increase in traction on a paved road.



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