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Find a used Jeep car, truck or SUV at one of our convenient Kentucky locations in Mayfield, Murray and Paducah, or Tennessee locations in Jackson and Nashville. We also offer a unique vehicle delivery service, PMP Direct Delivery, available to drivers in all 50 states and drivers near St. LouisLouisvilleFind the right car, at the right price, the right way, every time at Perkins Motor Plex.

Find a Used Jeep for Sale at Perkins Motor Plex

Jeep SUVs come built to perform well in multi-terrain environments. That alone makes used models something to consider when searching for a new-to-you vehicle. Used SUVs make a great option when you know what to expect, something that Perkins Motor Plex can help you achieve.

Jeep SUVs can take you places that other vehicles cannot. Most models have the functions necessary to carry you off the road when you need to forge a new path. Spare tires and 4WD keep you from getting stuck in rough ground. Some Jeep vehicles offer both 2WD and 4WD. You will also notice differences in body size and style. Overall, every Jeep vehicle retains a similar look that makes them instantly recognizable when spotted on the roads of Kentucky, Missouri, or Tennessee.

A pre-owned Jeep with good suspension flushed differentials and minimal rust can run as a vehicle that feels like new. Jeep interiors conform to their exterior's rugged style, consisting of tough materials in the seating and modern navigational controls in more recent models. Would you like a closer look at popular used Jeep SUVs? Consider our favorite models:

  • Wrangler - Built for any terrain, the Wrangler has Sport and Rubicon trim levels, with two- and four-seater options.
  • Cherokee - Our used Cherokee SUVs make spacious and compact SUVs with great handling in dry, cold, and wet weather.
  • Grand Cherokee - The Grand Cherokee represents a large SUV with enough interior room to fit a family.
  • Compass - The Jeep Compass earns recognition for its Latitude, Sport, and Sport 4x4 trims.
  • Renegade - The Jeep Renegade makes a great compact SUV with a short hood and large grille.
  • Gladiator - The Jeep Gladiator serves as a wide-bodied pickup truck that carries nearly-identical exterior features to the Wrangler.

As your local Jeep dealer, every Jeep SUV in our used inventory has great features that make driving easy. If you want to plan a long-distance getaway, a Jeep vehicle will keep you ready for whatever the road throws your way. Pick your favorite pre-owned model from those specified at our Jeep dealership and get ready to have fun on the road again!