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Whether you're looking for a manual Subaru WRX or Ford Shelby GT500, Perkins Motor Plex is a great place to find a used manual transmission vehicle. We have a large selection of the most popular muscle cars, SUVs and trucks on the market today, with multiple locations from Mayfield, KY to Nashville, TN. Located elsewhere? We offer delivery options to all 50 states with PMP Direct Delivery.

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Perkins Motor Plex wants to help all our customers get behind the wheel of a vehicle they love driving in Tennessee, including more particular shoppers. For instance, many drivers enjoy the engagement and handling of a manual transmission. That's why we're proud to offer a broad selection of used vehicles with manual transmissions, ensuring those that want this specific performance feature get a quality vehicle at an affordable price.

Advantages of a Used Manual Vehicle

While most modern vehicles come with automatic transmissions, there's still a market for drivers that prefer manual transmissions, and Perkins Motor Plex is your trusted source for used vehicles with this component. Manual transmissions give the driver more control over the vehicle as you'll be responsible for switching gears when necessary, resulting in a more engaging experience. Plus, many used manual vehicles feel sportier, which appeals to those with a thrill-seeking attitude.

Numerous Used Vehicles with a Manual Transmission to Choose From

Perkins Motor Plex offers nationwide delivery, allowing us to offer an expansive inventory of used manual vehicles at competitive pricing. While sifting through all these excellent options, you'll notice that we have many models, body styles, and trim levels available. Plus, you'll find all your favorite brands that are known for quality manual transmissions and fun driving experiences. Here are some of the brand names you could find while looking through our pre-owned manual vehicles:

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Our knowledgeable and friendly staff at Perkins Motor Plex can't wait to help you upgrade to a more exciting used vehicle with a manual transmission. So, visit one of our locations or start the online car buying process today.