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About Us

Why buy from Perkins Motor Plex? 

Buying your next vehicle should be simple, transparent and efficient. With our no-hassle pricing and free delivery to your local market, it is. Moreover, we are here to help! Our team at Perkins Motor Plex are non-commission and devoted to ensuring you get the nicest vehicle, at the lowest price, with warranty coverage to back it up. So, skip the drive to the dealership and avoid spending your whole day there...we'll bring it to you!

We want to ensure you have the best possible experience and feel comfortable throughout the entire process. That's why we ensure you have an excellent experience from start to finish by providing:

  • Straightforward and honest online shopping to find, finance and deliver your vehicle
  • 35+ HD pictures and walk-around video of the vehicle that make you feel like you're shopping in-person (without the hassle!)
  • Employ friendly and trustworthy PMP drivers that show up with a smile when they delivery your vehicle
  • 100% transparency that vehicle is as nice as it appears online, when it arrives in your driveway

PMP Direct Overview

What markets are you in? Our newest delivery only market is in Louisville, Kentucky. We have a local pickup point at 2601 Bardstown Rd or we offer free delivery within 50 miles.

Where is the inventory located? Our delivery only inventory is located entirely online after it has passed our thorough inspection, service and reconditioning process.

What if I've found another vehicle at one of your brick & mortar locations? All 800+ vehicles in our inventory are available to you. Take advantage of our sizable inventory and pick the vehicle you want!

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Do you offer financing? Yes! Having multiple dealerships in multiple states we are partnered with the strongest local, regional and national lenders. We will leverage our size and those relationships to make sure you obtain the best financing available. With our PMP Car Financing, we will save you money.

Are your rates competitive? Yes, extremely competitive! Our lenders lead the market in auto loans and we will make sure you save money and time by financing with our lenders.

May I use my own lender to finance my purchase? You may. Of course, we would be more than happy to compare their rate with our lenders to make sure you get the best rate available. When banks compete, you win.

Is a down payment required to finance my vehicle? Not necessarily. Our team members will be happy to discuss financing options with and without a down payment.

When is my down payment due? If the lender requires a down payment or you would like to apply one, it is due at the time of possession.

What forms of down payment are allowed? Cashier's checks, personal checks (funds being verified by Perkins Motor Plex), and credit cards up to $1500.

Inventory & Guaranteed Deposit Program

Are Perkins Motor Plex vehicles backed with a warranty? Nearly every vehicle in our inventory is backed by our 30 Day Powertrain Plus Warranty. In addition, our Perkins Motor Plex Total Care Plan offers factory type protection up to 120,000 miles on qualified vehicles!

Where does Perkins Motor Plex get its inventory? We trade for much of our inventory from customers just like you. In addition, over the last 20 years we've built strong relationships with new and used car dealers just like us.

How does your Guaranteed Deposit Program work? People are busy, we get it. With our Guaranteed Deposit Program you can secure your vehicle for purchase at a later date, ensuring no one buys it out from underneath you. With as little as $250 your vehicle can be secured for up to 3 days, allowing us to arrange delivery at the best time and place for your schedule.

Is my deposit a fee? Of course not. When you secure a vehicle for purchase the deposit is applied directly towards the purchase of the vehicle, it's not a fee.

Vehicle Delivery

Where will you deliver my vehicle? Wherever you want! Your new vehicle can be delivered to your place of business or even one of our PMP Direct Pick Up locations. How will my vehicle be delivered? Our drivers (you'll love these guys) will transport your vehicle with one of our Perkins Motor Plex delivery trucks.

Who will deliver my vehicle? Our drivers are an extension of us, not a third-party contracted to deliver vehicles. Moreover, you'll quickly realize they are some of the nicest and most professional men and women you'll meet. You will love them!

Will I be able to test drive my vehicle upon delivery? Absolutely. We encourage you to do so knowing how pleased you will be in the cleanliness of your new vehicle. Everything you would do to inspect a vehicle traditionally on the lot, you're more than welcome to do upon taking delivery of your vehicle.

Will you deliver my vehicle outside the local market? We have delivered vehicles coast to coast. If you would like your vehicle delivered beyond 50 miles of our delivery market it can easily be done for $1.50/mile.

Will your delivery truck pickup my trade-in? Yes. Our drivers will load your trade-in to be transported away so you don't have to worry about it.

Am I required to be present for the delivery? Yes, everyone listed on the paperwork is required to be present.

How long should I expect my delivery appointment to last? It's really up to you. Our drivers are very respectful of your time and will allow ample time for you to drive and inspect your vehicle or as little time as required to take possession. We will move at your pace.


Does Perkins Motor Plex accept trades? Absolutely. In fact, much of our inventory is comprised of vehicles traded in by customers just like you.

How much is my trade-in worth?
Unlike other dealerships who value trades solely off a used book value, we do everything we can to leverage not only multiple book values but market values across all of our locations. We will do everything we can to maximize your trade for you. Utilize our online trade-in value tool to start the process today.

How long is the trade value good for?
 Your trade value will be honored for up to two weeks.

What documentation is required to trade my vehicle? In addition to pictures of driver's licenses for each individual listed on the title/registration we will need a picture of your vehicle's current odometer reading. Additional documentation depends on whether you own your trade-in outright or have a lien on it.

 > If you own your trade-in outright, the following is needed:
  • A front/back picture of your trade title.
  • Everyone listed on the title must be present at the time of delivery.
 > If you have a lien on your trade-in:
  • A picture/copy of your vehicle's 10-day payoff statement.
  • A picture/copy of your vehicle's registration.

May I trade in more than one vehicle? Yes, we would be happy to assist you in doing so.

What if my trade contains negative equity? Don't worry, in general, our lenders allow negative equity to be applied towards the financing of your new value. Moreover, our inventory typically is listed well below book values creating offsetting positive equity for you!

Vehicle Pricing

Are Perkins Motor Plex's vehicle prices negotiable? We want you to get the best price from day one so all of our inventory is priced to lead the market up front, no negotiating necessary.

What is my total price? Your sales team member will assist in providing your out the door price including vehicle, tax, title, license and fees and any purchase protection, Gap or Perkins Motor Plex Total Care. With our market based pricing it's fairly common that your total price is below suggested retail!

Car Insurance

Do I need to provide proof of insurance on my new vehicle? Yes, if you are financing your vehicle proof of insurance listing the lienholder is required at the time of delivery. The effective date can be the delivery date. Moreover, your sales team member will provide the lienholder's address and insurance requirements, typically full coverage insurance.

Warranty, Perkins Motor Plex Total Car Coverage & GAP

What is the 30 Day Powertrain Plus warranty? Our inventory is backed by a 30 day warranty that covers not only the powertrain but power windows, power locks, ac compressor, battery, and a few other items. We go to great lengths to ensure your vehicle is both exceptionally clean and maintained. Our inventory undergoes an in-depth inspection, service and reconditioning process.

What is Perkins Motor Plex Total Care? Our Perkins Motor Plex Total Care Plan has options for every vehicle in our inventory. Highlights include: $0 deductibles, nationwide coverage, parts/labor included, & roadside assistance. You can drive your used vehicle with new vehicle protection. PMP Total Care Protection

How do I use my Total Care Coverage? Your ASE certified mechanic can call 800.264.5090 with the vehicle's diagnostics to begin a claim.

Is roadside assistance covered with Total Care Coverage? Yes! Whether you need assistance with a flat tire, you've run out of fuel, you're locked out, you need a jump start, or even a tow, we've got you covered. Your 24/7 roadside assistance is only a phone call away at 888.207.0166.

What if my vehicle is still under manufacturer's warranty? You are advised to first take your vehicle to your local manufacturer's service facility for repair. If coverage is denied and you have coverage thru PMP Total Care, please have your mechanic reach the claim department.

What isn't covered with the 30 Day & Total Care Coverage? Primarily, cosmetic damage, emissions, or normal wear and tear items.

Do you offer GAP coverage? Yes! It's been our experience that our customers want to protect themselves financially in case of total loss due to an accident. If the worst happens and your vehicle is totalled GAP protection will make you whole if your insurance provider does not.

Title and Registration

How does registration work? For the majority of our customers* we are able to complete the registration process for you. We handle the necessary title and registration paperwork with you at the time of delivery or pick-up and then we complete the rest with your tag office. The vehicle will come with a 30-day temporary license plate and once registration is completed, the permanent plate(s) and registration will be mailed to the address on file. Please make sure you notify us of any potential address change. 

*Many states require the customer to complete the registration at their local tag office in person. If that is required, that local office will call you once your title work is received.

How long will it take to get my plate and registration? It is Perkins Motor Plex's goal to have all your title work mailed to your local tag office within 3 weeks of delivery. We will be in communication with you as to when it is sent and when you can expect completion.

If I pay cash for my vehicle, when will I receive my title? Once your registration is completed, the title will be mailed directly to you from your state. This time can vary from state-to-state but is typically completed within 8 weeks.

What if I move shortly after receiving my vehicle? Moving during your registration period (approximately 45 days) is not recommended. If you anticipate a move, please be advised we are unable to change the registration address that appears on your contracts after your take possession of your vehicle. Our registration professionals work within the allocated time frame to complete the registration on your behalf. Efficiently registering your vehicle in compliance with the Department of Motor Vehicles is our priority. If you are moving, this can result in delays and additional documentation may be required of you. If you intend on moving, please notify us immediately.

Am I able to register my vehicle in a different state than my delivery address? Your vehicle will be registered in that state that you reside*, which may vary from the delivery address.

*Proof of residence will be required on all sales.

Am I able to self-register my vehicle? Customers who have financed their vehicle through any of our preferred lenders will not have the option to self-register. Vehicles that are purchased without a lien or through third-party financing may have a self-registering option. Some restrictions may apply.

May I transfer my specialty/vanity plate? Yes, we will help you transfer your plate!

May I request a specialty/vanity plate if Perkins Motor Plex is processing my registration? Yes, we will be happy to assist in securing your specialty plate. This request must be made known prior to delivery in order to ensure the correct paperwork is obtained and fees are collected for your state.